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I personally think the scoring system should go like this, your score would be your kill amount subtracted by your death amount, so for example if you killed 15 people and died 9 times your score would be 6. Then you would gain an additional 10 points for every command post captured, or destroyed, maybe objectives would be worth more, but there should be more rewards for people who help on the battlefield without necessarily killing enemies, for example if four vanguards team up to take out an AT-AT and only one gets the credit is that fair? Or what about a pilot who helps you out by giving you health and ammo, and repairing droids and turrets when you need them, but ends up near last place because he didnt have lots of kills, there should be some award for most Damage done, not just kills and number of things repaired. Right now the scoring system only rewards those who kill the most regardless of how much they died or command posts they captured.

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