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Originally posted by Loopster
Is there a website for posting this infor like there once was?

Unfortunately not. The creator of JediBoard has long since moved on from and all the other boards created over the years (which were less popular) are dead.

All you really would need is a forum or CGI form board for posting the IP's which you can easily copy and paste (or launch directly into the game if you want to go that route, like Qtracker, the MSN Gaming Zone, or Gamespy arcade do) and a description.

The old Jedi Board had spots for you to list the map(s), mod(s) (if any), score limit, time limit, game type, title of the server, admin nam, max players, and then a small space for describing the server as well. It was a big long list with each one date/time stamped, and I can't recall if there was an "archive" you could go back to, but that was pretty much it. You'd also want some control so you could delete entries for people who just spammed garbage in there.

If someone wanted to create such a board, that would be great.

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