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Okay we need to open up the story because right now we're waiting on our special forces guys and some people don't really have a chance to post cuz nothing's happening.

So instead of all this, they slip from closet to closet checking all the rooms and bla bla bla, just get to the point and do something. It's like your killing time but we're waiting for you, so do what you gotta do.

There are people trapped in the Bunkers; the Vuanna are drilling through the doors. You need to get there and stop them and get those people out. Meanwhile the Vuanna are ammasing their forces and preparing to attack, the Thaldorians need to be warned of the attack. So perhaps one team could monitor the hanngar and the other team could try to rescue the trapped soldiers.

keep in mind, the base is virtually empty with most of the Vuanna in the hangar, and they arn't expecting the Mandalorians to do anything sneaky like send in special forces.

So Curt-Man and Darth NeoVenom, with that in mind lets get this story moving a bit.

I'll give you guys a chance to post about that stuff, or discuss it here if you want, and then we can move on to the Vuanna attacking and get the rest of our players invovled.

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