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ROTS spoilers in RC

Originally posted by Oidar
Indeed, the game doesn't give away anything from the movies.
Well there's only one way you can know that for sure, and that's if you've been following the ROTS spoilers. I'm only going by what I've heard, since I don't follow the spoilers. All along RC has been marketed as containing Episode III material as a selling point.

The back of the box clearly says "PRELUDE TO EPISODE III: Encounter new vehicles, locations, and enemies from the upcoming film."

So there is no doubt that RC contains ROTS spoilers. The question is, are there spoilers in the rest of the game, beyond that one (PC) Demo level?

As far as the demo is concerned, I guess luckily (or unluckily) for me, I don't know exactly what items for sure are in the movie (though I know from the trailer what a few of those are).

If more experts in ROTS Spoilerology (I just made that word up, like it?) have played through the SP game and agree, maybe I'll feel better. Thanks for the input.

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