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Originally posted by jedispy
... Kabe, a female Chadra-Fan who frequents the establishment, is addicted to it.

Source: SWCCG...from memory.

* * *

According to EU lore, what are three things that can enhance/increase one's natural force potential?

Bonus: List sources (just quick names, no details needed)

Extra Bonus: find more than 3 (there's only 3 that I'm aware of)

Not intended to be a louse question. Only quick answers.
Kabe's tale is also told in the wonderful "Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina" compilation.

Asking a question that refers to material that *only* ever appeared in SWCCG or RPG sourcebooks is a crime punishable by death in this quiz !

* * *

As for your question, this is what I can come up with :

1. Kaiburr Crystal - Source Splinter of The Minds Eye - as well as the YJJ novel 'Lightsabers'

2. Those force crystals in JO, I dont know of any other name for them !

3. Certain lightsaber Crystals also have this effect - source KOTOR/KOTOR II

4. Locations :
Dark side places :
Korriban, Byss, Vjun, Dagobah..sources ESB, Dark Empire, KOTOR

Light side places : The Jedi Temple, Ilum, The Valley of the Jedi....sources PT, Clone Wars cartoon

5. Partnerships :
*Sith Master/Apprentice bond
*Master-Padawan bonds
*Force Melds : I Jedi, NJO(used in piloting)

* * *

Please let me know if that is sufficient Jedispy, so I can give myself the 3 points !

* * *

Lets continue, shall we ?

Q. Who is Coleman Trebor ? What species was he ? What is special about his name ?


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