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It is said that Mandalorians are the most skilled warriors in the Galaxy. Thousands of years of constant war bread them into the ultimate warrior race. Their armor repels a light saber, their arsonal of weapons is lethal, and no one can compare in hand to hand combat.

Just before the Sith War the Mandalorians conquered a Sith controlled system and attacked a neighbouring system, but their leader Mandalore was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma and the Mandalorians pleged allegience to the Sith and fought along side them against the Republic throughout the Sith War.

The Mandalorian War began thirteen years later when the Mandalorians invaded Republic space. The Mandalorians defeated the Republic forces time after time. The tides of the war turned when a Jedi named Revan began leading Republic forces to victory. After the Mandalorians were defeated what was left of them retreated back to their homeworld and remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

During that time their clan-based warrior culture went into steady decline and varios Mandalorians made the odd appearence here and there in various Galactic affairs. Over the corse of aproximately 3,000 years the Mandalorians culture disolves and they become a mercinary army that was almost completely destroyed when they splintered into two seperate factions warring against each other.

Jaster Mareel lead the true Mandalorian Loyalists against Vizsla and his Death Watch. Jaster found Jango Fett and rose him like a son until Jaster's Death. Jango assumed command of the Mandalorians until they were wiped out by the Jedi, Jango was the only survivor. Jango later killed Vizsla and his remaining Death Watch.

Jango carried on Jaster's legacy as a bounty hunter and passes it on to his clone son Boba.

But Boba died bearing no offspring and training no replacement, some say the legacy died there.

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