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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
A: Cortosis is a type of ore. It has the ability to short out lightsabers that come in contact with the stuff. Can be used as weapons against Jedi, or lined along walls so jedi can;t cut through with their lightsabers.

Q: What Jedi lived with the Tusken Raiders?
Aah. Interesting character this one

A'Sharad Hett The son of Sharad Hett, a jedi killed by former padawan of the Dark Woman come bounty hunter - Aurra Sing. Sharad was originally to be trained by Ki Adi Mundi, but he chose to live among the Tuskens on Tattooine.

Hett eventually confronted the Dark Woman, and ended up becoming her student(with teh blessing of Ki Adi Mundi)

Hett did return to the Jedi Order, and attained the rank of master buy the time of the Clone Wars. He became quite close to anakin, during the battle on Jabiim, where he mentored him in teh absence of Obi-Wan whom was presumed dead at the time...

Because of his history with the Tuskens, actually was one of the few to know anakin's dark secret about Tatooine...

source - numerous Dark Horse Comics, from Outlander to Republic...

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Q. Who assumed the title of 'The Trickster Goddess' ? What was the motivation behind this ??

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