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Chapter 2: TTfM ((The Trip for Mana.))

Afer the sucessful rally, Gomnia was walking along the hall way to the docking bay. He had to "harvest" some more mana. The only thing was, he had no idea where it would be. His Vice-Capain came running up to him. "Sir, we can't find any more signs of Mana. I take the blame for everything." "Good, because that is the end of you." Gomnia turned to the vice captain, put his hand in his face, then a beam comes shooting out, and goes through the captains head. He died once it touched his head. Gomnia walked on, like nothing had happened. Gomnia found COmmander Olenol and started talking to him. "The Vice-Captain had a little... "accident", so you are the vice-captain now, Olenol..." Then Gomnia walked away to his Shuttle. He flew to his capital ship and flew off. His next destination, the incorrect coordinates of Correlia. He flew there, and there it was. The shineing essence, locked in an altar. Altohugh it wasn't shineing any more, GOmnia had taken all of it. SO he looked in there for a clue to the next altar. He found it, a map. A map of... where...

ONE altar is. Maybe this next one will have the full map. He studied the map, and noticed the next altar was in unknown space. He took note of the planet it was near, so he wouldn't get lost. It was now time to move out. Soon they would make their move.

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