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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
A: Jabba Desilijic Tiure

A: It means he got really close to the Black Holes (Maw Cluster) making the Kessel Run shorter. Source: Han Solo Trilogy.

And I'm not bothering with the OT trivia
looks liek we double dipped the Jabba question...ah well.. me first !

btw. technically, the *original* source for Hans handling of teh kessel run was actually in the Jedi Academy Trilogy...AC Crispin actually just expanded on what Kevin J Anderson had described...

but you still get the point

he he...I thought movie trivia would be below your awesome mind phreakski. Nonetheless, I think it may be something non EU freaks would be interested in.... Ive put it up for discussion at swforums so we'll see how it goes

in the meantime, asking a question. No ? Ok I will !!

2 point question
Q. Brielfly outline the origins and evolution of the Xwing fighter.... (use spoiler tags if necessary for any ep3 related content).. Make sure your answer covers right up to the end of the NJO


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