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Don't really see why it wouldn't. Should run quite good. My sister runs the game on her AMD 2000+ on high settings.
She doesn't have anything great,
AMD 2000+
512megs DDR400 ram(make unknown, ebay item)
A radeon 9100 video card.

System specs can be misleading, I've seen her play AA on that machine as well as HalfLife2 and Doom3. None of the games look Sub-par and they all play smoothly.

Best thing to do if your not sure how well your system will run the game, download the demo and try it out. Thats what their for, to see if you'll like the game and to see if you system will run it.

I never have a problem running games but thats cause I've got a monster pc.
I don't trust stores, never will. I'd rather build my own so I know what I've got.
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