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Part 1: Unusual Events

Corosant - The center of the galaxy, a planet completely covered in high teck city. It's atmosphere is constantly traveld through by star ships coming and going from the buisy planet. They sky is not visible from anywhere on the surface, so crowded by towering structures of steel. Hordes of speeders and various vehicles hover through the sky in the most intricate and complicated traffic system in the galaxy.

An infinite amount of walkways surround buildings and streatch across gaps thousands of feet in the air. On one of these, two giddy Jedi padwans chatter and laph as they walk. Christi and her friend Cara make their way through the busy pedestrian traffic until they arrive at their destination, a small Jedi academy.

"Christi!" Shouts a young lad as he sees the girl he admires walking through the academy's main entrance and into the large waiting room.

"Hey, Rue," Cara calls back, Christi only waves.

"Dexter has been looking for you," Rue says as he aproaches and stops in front of Christi. "Some missions have been handed out."

"Oh great," moans Cara reluctantly, "I just hope it's not as boring as the last mission."

Christi laphs and says farewell to her friends before leaving them to find her master. Rue watches admirably as she departs, his feelings for her arn't well hidden though from any of the force sensative members of the Academy, including Christi and a glaring Cara standing beside him.

Noticing this, Rue turns shyly to Cara, his cheeks slightly flushed, "What?"

Cara only laugrhs and walks away leaving the embarrassed Rue alone in the middle of a large open room feeling emotionally naked.

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