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Valis was with his squad mates soon enough hiding in the shadows, "alright, you know what to do, out an explosive on anythign that looks valuable, when your out let me know and then get a safe distance away." at that they all split up, Valis when back up the ventalation shaft and then dropped down ontop of a crate, looked like food supplies, he climbed down till he got to the bottom and put two explosives there, then he snuk off to use his other two. once he had put one explosive on a weapons crate and the other on a tank he got back into the ventilation shaft and was commed by the others.
"everybody a safe distance away?" he got several clicks.
"good, prepare for some fireworks, he blew the explosives and the enitre cargo bay was in flames and everyone was in panic, he commed the ganeral.
"General, this is Commando Squad leader Endac, proceed with all invasions, repeat, get over here and start shooting stuff."
"copy that, good work..."

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