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thanks for the praise guys.

i did have a few unresolved issues in this mod, but i just wanted to get it out there with latter versions to come.

i had trouble getting the look of Vandar's outfit to change when equiping other armor or robes. i originally had a changed appearance.2da file in the mod, but it didn't work. perhaps it is because he is so short.

i originally wanted to have Vandar come equiped with a custom White Sabre. i didn't for 2 reasons, first being that i haven't asked the author of the white sabre mod i'm using if i could include it, and secondly being when i opened the utc file in the KotOR tool and clicked the inventory button, i didn't know how to get custom items in there.

other than those two, i find the mod to be pretty much complete, unless there is more that can be done to add to the experience that i am unaware of.

also, i am not sure if everyone would agree with my starting stats, but they made sense to me. since i have never seen Vandar in action, i had to give him what i though Yoda would have a level six in this game, which is way i gave him:
8 str
15 dex
11 con
10 int
18 wis
13 cha

i wouldn't imagine Yoda having a ton of physical strength, or being a computer/lockpicking/demolitions wiz, or even a naturally high constitution.

i do imagine Yoda having good reflexes and defense, and tons of wisdom. as far as charisma, i had no idea. i didn't think Luke found him all that charismatic when he met him, nor do i think Yoda is like a master playa with da ladies. then again, i would think you would need some charisma to head the jedi council and be well liked.

of course con, dex, and cha are begging for one of the 4 remaining attribute points, but thought i tempted it that way, i wouldn't add one to con. i just threw that in there like a curve ball, but maybe someone would make use of it. i would put 1 in dex, 1 in cha, and 2 in wis, but thats just me.

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