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Originally posted by Darkkender
You did well. Infact those stats are very well rounded. Albeit a little low for my tastes but well rounded...
i didn't intend for them to seem low though they do look it. to make these stats, i loaded up the game and played around with the creation process. his stats are subject to the same restrictions as the player character, so a player character could use all his attribute points and have those stats at level 6 as well.

but in reality, i think he's stats will well suit him for his force power support role. -1 str modifier will hardly hurt, he'll still get decent hit rate with the dex, and if you want skills, use T3

i think i gave him decent starting feats too, so don't worry, including dueling, lvl 1 Power attack (i just know his little self flips around in battle), and i think i add a lvl 4 Sneak Attack. go go Stasis-Sneak Attack.

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