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Christi moves swiftly down the corridor of the Jedi Academy. Her hands brush through her long curly blond hair. Looking to her side the young woman sees her own slender reflection in the sparcling clean metalic wall. She knows she's not bad looking but wonders if guy's think she's cute. Maybe it's not something a Jedi should care about, and that helps her to worry less.

In the daze of her thoughts Christi passes by her room and only realises it a moment to late. After back tracking a couple doors she finds her own and it slides open with the gentle press of a button.

Christi hangs up her tunic on a hook and makes her way through the tidy apartment to her personal comm link. She turns it on and scans briefly over her listed contacts, she finds Master Jaxter in only a brief second. The comm link transmits to Jaxter's personal comm and the screen comes to life as he answers.

"Hi, Jaxter," Christi says smiling happily, Jaxter's pleasant personality always makes her glad to see him.

"Christi, glad your back," He smiled back at her fondly and brushed an itch through his short brown hair. "The council has given us our next assingment. Can you meet me at my ship in an hour?"

"Sure, that gives me time to shower and get my robes. Are we leaving right away?"

"Yes, and I'll explain the mission on the way."

"Alright," Christi was a little reluctant, but at least she'd still have time to say good by to Cara.

"Alright, I'll see you in an hour."

"Bye, Jaxter."

"Bye, Christi."

The comm turns black in a flash and Christi spins around in the rotating chair. This sounds like it might be big... She thinks, hoping that something interesting might happen. She iss a pretty good fighter with her lightsaber and would love a chance to do something exciting for the order. It's not like she wants to go to war or anything, just a little aggressive negotiations maybe.

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