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The charge up bar works fine for me too:

My video card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

My settings are:

Graphics Quality: Medium
Brightness: 3
Video Resolution: 800x600
Texture Quality: Medium
Character Detail: High
Bumpmapping Quality: High
Blur Effects: On
Bloom Effects: Low
Projectors: On
Squad Shadows: On
FSAA: None

Mouse Sensitivity: 6
Invert Mouse: No
Subtitles: Off
Helmet: On
Prompt Text: ON
Difficulty: Hard
Auto Pull Maneuvers: Yes
Tactical Visor Mode: Cycle
Tactical Mode Intensity: 2

I also had a strange bug where I took falling damage for no reason:

I was standing on those block thingys (the leftmost one in the screenshot) and I dropped down to the platform I am taking the screenshot from. For some reason, I took damage from this.
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