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Originally posted by guybroom
I think it would work. If you or Phreak dont want to mod it then i can be promoted into a mod and i could mod it.

Guybroom, as per the rules, try and keep your posts re- the tquestions and answers. If tou have any further questions about this, PM me.

anwyay, I have submitted the idea to the other mods. I have volunteered to mod it. This thread needs a bit of maintenance, and so will that, so I am pleased to do it.

Yes, it will be about all 6 ilms(eventually after may!) and will probably be located in the cantina. It all really depends on what the s-mods/admins have to say... as I said, I'll keep ya posted (check my sig!)

* * *
oh yeah, 2 points to phreak

I'll give a very brief rundown re the XWs. Needless to say, they were derived from ships you will see in ep3. They were used in Galactic Civil War times by the Alliance, and after the defeat of the emperor the New Republic gained control of the corporation that designed and produced them(Incom).

The Xwing evolved somewhat, including losing their astromech socket. Towards the post thrawn/Njo era, the xwings were further tweaked, leading to models such as the XJ, XJA and XJX...

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Q. Where is Mon Mothma from ? How is this significant ?

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