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Trent and the few best agents were all in one office with the desk knocked over and they were pointing their guns at the door.
"well cousin, you bring nothing but trouble to these parts."
"yeah, shut yur face." they heard footsteps thne they saw men come to the door, Trent and the five other agents started firing as the door was knocked dwon, the first 4 men that came in were shot down the next few started firing and the desk was not holding together, Trent ducked down and looked to the window, they were on the third floor, well it was better than being captured.
"the windows!" Trent said as he lunged forward and broek through the window plummeting downward onto a car, he rolled off, feeling extremely hurt, he tried to get up but couldn't, he saw one man jump out but he was already shot and he died when he hit the ground, and one more agent came out, he also hit a car and rolled off....

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