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Lyria was having a friendly conversation with one of her squad mates when they were all called to prepare for combat.

Lyria had to turn down several of her troopers questions about what was going on, she didn't know herself. They all found out what was going on once they reached the parade square. An Enforcer stood at the head of the assembled army and spoke loudly through a mic so that everyone could hear.

"Attention fellow Mandalorians, today we strike back at the invaders of our peace. Sabatage has already begun in the Vuanna captured facility to the south, we will mobalize immediately and attack the base while they are in disorder and arrey. Your orders are to kill every Vuanna you encounter. Move out."

Protectors of every company called forward their platoon leaders to tell them which hangar to go to for transportation. The platoon leaders met with their squad leaders and passed the word on. The platoon leaders then lead their platoons marching down the corridors of the base until they arrived at their hangars.

Bomber planes were sent out, escorted by fighters, to damage the base in preperation for the full attack. The infantry rode by APC preceded by tanks and artillary that would bombard the base further with heavy fire before the infantry was sent in to mop up and evacuate those who were trapped below the base in bunkers.

The plan was laid out, they had the upper hand, all that's left is to play the cards.

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