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Re: Can't play mp with new router

Originally posted by jespley

I tried to play both JKII and JA tonight after not playing them for a while and I couldn't get logged in to any servers. I'd get to the screen where it says that I'm waiting to get logged into the server but it would just sit and wait forever. I'm completely up to date patchwise and as far as I know I was logging into servers that were just running the regular maps (not mods). The only thing that has changed is I have a new router. It's a D-Link DI-524 Airplus G wireless router. Is there something I need to do with the ports?

There should be something like NAT and Special Applications in the network setup, just add the required port. I guess thats for joining, if you wanna host you have to configure Virtual Servers as well. Most of the routers should have something like a self-explanatory setup-tool anyway.
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