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Valis and his group had already vacated the area and were headed towards the bunker, they had found the location of it, and since most of the vuanna were heading battle stations they could sneak aorund more loosely, which still meant sneaky as hell. They were making good time, they were in the hallway that lead to the Bunker, they could hear drilling, they took out smoke grenades and tossed them down the hall, almost immediatly after they threw them they charged in and put there heat vision on and silently took out the ten vuanna that were there.
"chip, set up a communicator, we need to get them to open the doors, and now"
"on it sir"
"good, you two get cover Chip, i'll take this hall"
"no need sir i got it" Valis walked to the computer
"Bunker 2978, this is Squad Commando Endac, we are heare to rescue you, if you could open the doors we can come in and give you details..."

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