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Joth'loel heard the comm and responded, "Boy are we glad to see you guys, we're comming out."

Almost imediately the engines of the freight elevator came to life. Joth'loel and his men soon came to the surface and greeted their fellow Mandalorians.

"I'm Protector Joth'loel Tarsceir, thanks for coming to our aid." Joth'loel extended a hand to shake hands with his rescuers.


Explosions started sounding all around them as the bombardment began. The base shook with tremmors and alarms flared their flashing red glow down the hallways and corridors. A Vuanna running by saw the Mandalorians by the Bunker and started yelling, soon a squad of Vuanna were on rendez vous with Valis and his group.


Lyria sat strapped into her seat in the back of the APC, the ride was long and bumpy. She had to grip her rifle firmly to keep it from flying out of her hands, as did everyone else around her. More than once a rifle was lobbed across the small confines of the vehicle and it clattered and banged against the metal floor until it reached someone who could scoop it up and pass it back.

"We're almost in range for our tanks to begin attacking the base," The driver hollared back to his passengers. "When we reach that point we'll wait a good half hour until the walls are destroyed enough for us to just plow right through."

Lyria gave the pilot a thumbs up acknowledgement and he turned back around to concentrate once more on driving while Lyria went back to concentrate on keeping her rifle in her own hands.

Not much longer before these greens would become real soldiers...

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