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NO. That ruins the whole point of the game. It's Republic Commando, not Jedi Knight.
i do not disagree. this game was a blast. I'm just saying, it would be a lot of fun w/ that spin (and probably make a lot of money, which is what the powers that be care about). and you can't compare this game to jedi knight, outcast, academy... any of them... the "realism" is what made this game what it is, in my opinion... raw, jumpy... less... I don't know, quake you know what I mean. if I had to peg the quissential star wars game (minus an ultra-well done sequel in the xwing series department) it would be THIS game w/ a lightsaber. but that's just me.

Still say, give me an SDK and a few good modellers, and skinners.... lets DO IT

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