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Above the base Mandalorian bombers dropped bomb after bomb unaposed in the air. Fighters still flew near by in case the Vuanna sent fighters of their own to attack the bombers, which they did.

It wasn't long before the sky turned bright with laser fire. A small fleet of Vuanna fighters launched lasers and missles into the circling formation of Mandalorian bombers and fighters.

Several Mandalorian ships exploded from the enemy fire, other's were sent spiraling down, trailed by a pillar of smoke, to crash on the planet's surface.

The Mandalorian ships fought back but were forced to retreat, not many of their pilots made it out of there alive.

The bombing had been cut short but was still successful. Most of the roof had been blasted open.

The tanks and artillary were within range and began their bombardment, dealing damage to the walls of the base. The Vuanna ships attempted to destroy the artillary before much damage could be done, but anti-aircraft missle tanks set the Vuanna ships in retreat.

The assult continued as planned.

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