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.. Funny I had no problems using it . Despite English not being her native tongue I congratulate her first on the fact she was kind enough to release this and second to make it in English when it’s not her first language. In fact I just joined Pcgm to thank her for this wonderful tool .

There maybe more much more potential to it but basically think if your head models as a piece of clay. Because that all any model really is just verts and edges that make faces and poly’s suspended in 3d space using the XYZ coords. as the road map,

Vertex coordinate example : X 0.0499706007540226 Y -0.045007698237896 Z 0.0518716983497143

Now imagine remodeling the map. Only nothing is removed or added.

I’m enjoying a new edited head on mira , I knew she had flex mesh so I used her as my test subject.

Things I changed smaller nose, fuller lips, longer front / side bangs , the flex mesh remains as do all animations

And this was only with my first test


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