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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
Q: What is the Diversity Alliance, and who was the leader?
Ha ! Phreak reads YJJ Interestingly enough this political group came to prominence more thana decade after ROTJ. They demanded equal rights for non-humans(as opposed to teh Emperors New Order for example) and some of the more outspoken of its members condoned acts of violence against humans in order to achieve this... The group was based on Ryloth, its leader being a Twilek by the name of Tarkona. The DA dissappeared into the ether after Tarkona vanished... In some countries this book in the YJJ series is called "The Emperors Plague" , in others(including here in Oz, it is simply called "The Diversity Alliamnce..."

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Q. Name 6 "Antilles" - include the 3 in the movies.... give a very brief description

BONUS : pic of at least one not from the movies


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