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Heres my newest project, a map with Orbitius. The map is Omaha Beach D-Day Invasion. It has a bunker system and will remind you of the bunkers in MOHAA. It also has an air strip, and the two imfamous pillboxes. For the allies is a carrier with planes, and there will be a battleship using stationary vehicles as turrets.

Weapons and Vehicles for this map are as follows:

Panzer Tank - Fires standard anti-tank round plus MG
Nebelwerfer - Fires Rocket-Artillery rounds at tanks
Junker Fighter - Fires 2 MG's and drops bombs
V2 Rocket - Player guided kamikazi vehicle
Sherman Tank - Fires standard anti-tank round plus MG
Mustang Fighter - Fires 2 MG's and fires unguided missiles
Goblin Jet Fighter - Fires 4 MG's faster air superiority fighter
Battleship Turrets - Fires linked bunker-busting rounds
AA Guns - Fires 4 rapid heavy MG's at oncomming aircraft
Colt 1911 Handgun - Replaces blaster_pistol
M1A1 Tompson SMG - Replaces blaster_r
Gewehr 43 Sniper Rife - Replaces disruptor
MP44 Assault Rifle - Replaces heavy_repeater
M1A1 Bazooka - Replaces merr_sonn (kills tanks in 4 shots)
M35 Potato Masher Grenade - Replaces thermal
TNT Trip Bombs - Replaces trip_mine
C4 Explosive - Replaces detpack
Possible Allied Player Model
Possible Axis Player Model

As you can see this wil lbe like a mini-mod that requires no programming. There will be a trailer released later dorected by Zappa_0. Expect action packed scenes from that. Here are some screenshots of the WIP Map:

I could use some help from someone (LightNinja), to animate the V2 rocket so that it takes off verticles then turns horizonta to fly. And to replaces the Emplaced_Gun with a MG42 machinegun.

Comments and Suggestions please.

Lord Hatrus

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