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Originally posted by jedispy
Looks like no question in play.

Q: Before proven false by the events of Attack of the Clones, according to EU, what was the relationship between Obi Wan Kenobi and Owen Lars?

Bonus: List the source (I can't remember what book it was in, so this is on the honor system)
firstly, Shok I did ask for a very brief description of the antilles named...

You can add them in if you want the full two points

* * *

He he...the "Obi wan's brother" conundrum is one of the *very very rare* cases that two sources of G-level canon(movie related stuff from Goerge Lucas himself) actually contradicts/overrules itself...

In the ROTJ novelisation, when obi wan was chatting to Luke on Dagobah, he dropped this bit of info...

It was also mentioned in a post TPM/pre AOTC "Jedi Apprentice" Novel about Obi Wan as a padawan...

however, excluding this second source, it can always be argued that Ben was simply lying to Luke, like he often did before, and using that "certain point of view" excuse to justify it....

anyways. The Lars' connection to anakin is more esatblished, since Owen is his step-brother. This better explains why they would take on the responsibility of looking after Luke, as opposed to Obi Wans brother...

* * *

Q. Name 2 ships that belonged specifically to Mara Jade. What became of them ?

bonus : pic of at least one


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