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For someone's sake, people, you actually let yourselves be impressed by all the hoohaa that TV specials about the pope's death tell you? If those things he did were really that grand then you'd heard that praise when they happened or in some other documentaries. I for one haven't seen any of that.

And what's more, you believe that it was all his doing? Could be, but I think he is (much like all the other leaders) the sum of what his advisors and schemers tell him to do and what he decides to do. His image to the outside world may have been that he's a strong man and decides for himself, yet he's been pretty old and prone to get swayed by people close to him.

This pope told people not to use birth control, dagnabbit! Even if you're catholic, you shouldn't be so blind to call someone great after some flattering obituaries.

I despise the amount of warshipping that goes on with the pope(s). What's the first two commandments? Then why do catholics pray to images of mother Mary?

"The 264th pontiff traveled more and beatified more people than any pope in history" (from Come on, this is the 21st century. It was never that easy to travel and use mass media and do all the other things that are said to have made him so modern and influential.

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