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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
...I count 3, but I'm guessing the 2 you mean are Jade's Fire and Jade's Saber (the other is Jade's Shadow). The Jade's Fire was crashed into the Hand of Thrawn, destroying both. The Jade's Saber was destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong on Dantooine.

I still pass on the question
Indeed there were 3... nice work

* * *

Now, It's TALLY TIME !!

[/Correction = Shok actually got 5 pts that round]

well actually, the winner is ME But leading the rest of the pack was Phreak again, with 8 points

$10 in monopoly money to anyone that can give phreak a run for his money(apart from me)...c'mon shok and jedispy - either of you ought to be able to do it

In the interim, I present this to myself and phreak

* * *

seeing Shok has passed, here's another from your trusty quizmaster

Q. Name the Bothan State of War that advocated the total annihilation of an enemy ? Who was it declared on ?

* * * no takers ? * * *

A. The Third Stage of war is called A'krai (or thereabouts) It was declared by the Bothans on the Yuuzhan Vong.

* * *

New Question for ya'll then

Q. What is an ugly ? Who commomly used them ?

Bonus : Pic


Asinus asinum fricat

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