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You people seemt o be missing the POINT of a Pope. Our belief, anyway, states that the Pope's teachings are infallable. Now The Pope of course can't teach your Calculus, but his teachings of the church. He was a great man, and his teaching of restrictions, like birth control is simply the Church's belief. Our belief states that the Pope speaks the word of Jesus Himself, has the power of the Holy Spirit to teach people what God would have wanted. Now, saying this, there were a LOT of murderous and other Popes in our history, but they say "If what the Pope says is always correct, then why didn't those Popes say it was ok to have more than one wife, just to save themselves?" Never has there been a Pope, even the ones that did horrible things, that taught against the Church. That is what we believe to be Jesus or the Holy Spirit working through the Popes to keep the Church's rules sacred.

As for a beautified obituary, well who cares about that? It's not the Pope's fault that it was all over TV, so you can't blame him for that. The reason why it was so big, was because so many people loved him. So many people loved the Pope, so when he died they were saddened, and relieved that he wasn't in pain anymore.

These are our beliefs, you don't have to believe them, so long as you don't bash them.

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