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Originally posted by DrMcCoy
...So the horrible things are wanted by the church... Woopidoo...

...I don't blame him, I blame the people... There are thousands of "normal" people dying every day and nobody cares... Then one man with a long and fulfilled life dies and everybody is oh-so-sad...
No no, that's not what I meant. Let's use Pope Alexander I. I believe he was the Pope that killed maaaaany of his political rivals. I'm not saying that the Church wanted these horrible things, I'm just saying that the Popes who may have killed, womanized and such, never actually tried to change the rules to say that killing and womanizing were ok, even to save themselves. What I'm trying to say is that the Holy Spirit works through the Popes, so that they can deliver the message of what God wants through teachings. Now, you are right that no one is infallable, even the Pope. I never said he was infallable, like I said, don't ask him for help Maths homework, or to name every moon around Jupiter, but that in his teachings of the Church, he is infallable. Whatever the Pope teachs, is what Jesus is teaching, THROUGH the Pope.

As for the funeral, it's not that big of a deal either. Thousands of people die, and then the people who knew the deceased have a funeral. The fact that many people knew the Pope, is what made his death more nationalized. It's like if Bill Gates died, you would hear about it in the news, and they might even give a biography of him.

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