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Originally posted by Kj°len
Whatever the Pope teachs, is what Jesus is teaching, THROUGH the Pope.
...K... *shrug*

Originally posted by Kj°len
As for the funeral, it's not that big of a deal either. Thousands of people die, and then the people who knew the deceased have a funeral. The fact that many people knew the Pope, is what made his death more nationalized.
...It's just that everywhere I go, all I see is "Oh the pope died, let's wheep and mourn", in every forum, on every TV channel, everywhere... Like I said, I couldn't care less about his death, so it's bugging me a bit...

Originally posted by Kj°len
It's like if Bill Gates died, you would hear about it in the news, and they might even give a biography of him.
...And I would dance and sing and stuff

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