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I told myself that I wasn't going to post here for reasons that should become apparent soon, but I feel strongly that I have to interject here.

First of all, yes, many forums and TV stations are talking about the death of the Pope, much like they talk about the latest Star Wars movie or newest Harry Potter book. The fact that you can choose not to go to them has seemed to pass you by. This is one thread in amongst many in this forum of which you can post in and yet you seem to want to post in this one despite the fact that you disagree with the message or whatever. First of all, this is a thread about mourning, a while ago we had one about the death of an author. If I hadn't liked that author, would I have badgered them about putting up a thread mourning his death? No, I would have left it to them, when it comes to someones death, my opinion on their life actions doesn't matter.

Originally posted by Dr McCoy
...I don't have anything against your believes, as long as you don't bug me with them and/or force them upon me...
But reserve me the right to laugh at you when you begin to speak about (what seems to be for me) ridiculous things (you can, of course, laugh at everything you think is ridiculous, if you want to...)...
I can't see anyone here forcing their beliefs on you, again participation in this thread is completely optional. But frankly, I see no reason why we should "reserve you the right to laugh at them when they seem to speak about (what seems to you) ridiculous things". Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but you have to learn tact and learn that these are peoples beliefs we're talking about. No matter what someone believes you reserve absolutly no right to laugh at them because of it. That kind of thing offends people, deeply, it's called rascism and you have no right to do that.
You are entitled to you opinion, and if this were a religious ranting thread then by all means, do so at your own risk. But this isn't a religious rant thread, this is a thread to mourn the death of someone who meant something to certain people in this board who don't need you telling them what's so wrong about the Pope.

I personally wasn't going to come into this thread because frankly, the Pope didn't mean that much to me, but you guys didn't need me coming round telling you that, it would have been as useful as a thread being opened asking if anyone knew the Secret of Monkey Island and me coming back with a simple 'no'.

But as moderator of these baourds, I feel it's important that i at least read these things just to make sure nothing annoying is happening, like innocent mourning threads turning into fully fledged religious rants.

So I'm going to say right now, if you want to discuss this, start a thread, but keep it clean. Otherwise, leave it out of here.

RIP Pope John Paul II


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