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Is this map/mini-mod trying to recreate authentic World War II weapons and technology, or is it a "what if scenario," like BF 1942's Secret Weapons of WWII expansion? If you're going for authenticity, it might be good to change a few things:

1. P-51 Mustangs were not carrier aircraft. Perhaps you could make a replacement carrier aircraft, like a Grumman Hellcat or a Supermarine Seafire (basically Spitfires that flew off of carriers).

2. The Goblin fighter was never used in WWII. The only jet the Allies used in the war was the RAF's Gloster Meteor, and even then the jet only saw limited action defending London from V-1 flying bombs. Again, a replacement fighter might be in order.

3. I know that both sides implemented radar stations, but the dishes on the bunker and airfield look too much like satellite dishes to me. Instead of having a uniform gray texture, perhaps you could implement a wire mesh texture of some sort.

4. Though the idea of having the V-2 as a suicide bomb is intriguing, the rocket was unguided. Could you make the launcher a type of artillery piece instead? The V-2 could be launched in a parabolic arc down to the beachead or something. I don't know if this is possible in the game, but perhaps the user could have a range indicator that would show approximately where the V-2 will land depending on the angle of the launcher.

That said however, this looks great! Keep up the good work!

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