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The DC-17 should've had more stopping power in both regular and sniper. You should also be able to pick up Battle Droid blasters. Then, you could justify not having health and ammo all over the place. In the movies, the DC-15s seemed to be making real short work of the standard droids, you'd figure the '17 being a better weapon would do better.
I actually fear the SBDs more than the Destroyers, and the Destroyers were able to make the Jedi run.
The Campaign was also too short. Its supposed to be a galaxy wide war. I know they don't want to step on stories unfolding in other media, but there's got to be something that only a pod of Commandos can do.
I also felt a bit cheated when it jumped a year from one mission to the next. What happened during that time? I know they want to get us to RoTS but come on, tell the story!
It would've been nice to be able to get CTs to assist a bit like NPCs in Half Life, but its not absolutely necessary.
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