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"We'll call you in a couple of days," Danni promised John. Then, she got up and took up her crutches. "Looking forward to getting rid of these," she muttered, glaring at David for no reason.

Despite her broken leg, Danni insisted on driving, "because I know where the Grants live and you don't."

There was little to no conversation as they drove and, about an hour later, they turned into what seemed like a country road, but ended up being a driveway. At length, they came to a gate and Danni stopped the car.

"Play the game, say the name," a voice called out through a speaker embedded in the left gatepost. Danni shook her head and sighed.

"No game I play, no name I say," she answered.

"How on earth do you plan on getting in, then?" the voice called again. Danni laughed.

"I'll break your gate down if you don't let me in, Kelli!" she exclaimed. The girl now identified as Kelli laughed and the gate began to open.

"Welcome back, Danni," Kelli said before the gate was fully open. "The computer recognizes your voice. It's going crazy over your friend in the passenger seat, though."

"Tell it to buzz off," Danni retorted. Kelli laughed and the gate was opened entirely.

"It'll be good to see you again," Kelli said. Danni drove through the gate.

"Easy enough, right?" she said. "Just think of the nightmare it would be if a person tried to get in without being known!"

They were met at the door by Milo and Lisa. Milo hugged them both and Lisa seemed glad to see Danni. She leaned forward and whispered in Danni's ear.

"Are you sure this place is safe?" she asked. "The two girls who own this place seem slightly batty!"

"They're fine!" Danni said, laughing. "True, they may be a little odd, but they're better once you've known them a little while."

"David," Milo said. "I think it's time you met the newest members of our little group. They know everything that's been going on with NURV now."

Two young women descended a set of stairs nearby. The leading girl was clearly younger, being only about seventeen. The other was closer to twenty-one. Both had blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Hello, David," the first said. "I'm Kelli Grant."

"And I'm Elizabeth Grant," the second said. "But you'd best call me Lizza. It's odd enough to be remembered and not too hard to say."

"Welcome to our home," Kelli said.

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