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Neverhoodian I am familar with what your talking about. I also am a WWII freak. this "what if" scenario, we've gone for 50% accuracy and 50% fire works.

The V2 did have a gizmo that guided the rocket on a crude trajectory, but yes it was virtually unguided compared to todays guided munitions. The fact that the player can kamimazi the vehicle into a tank makes it much more fun and intresting then what we have with the Nebelwerfer.

The Nebelwerfer duplicates what a Nebelwerfer would have looked like, but was origionally designed for another mod. Its been incorportated into this mod however. It fires unguided rockets on a limited arc-trajectory at on comming troops and tanks.

For the radar stations, that is Orbitius' department, I will relay to him about the accuracy of the receptors.

The mustang was chosen for the allied carrier because it was intended to be used on a land based airstrip until Orb decided to build a carrier.

The goblin is also one of the "fire works" of the mod. I unique, cute, jet-powered aircraft with speed and quad machineguns, and a blast to fly.

That said, I hope you understand that we're aiming for fun and uniqueness rather then dead-on accuracy. We want the players to expierence some weapons that most ppl dont know about or know little of. The german Strumtiger, and M3 Halftrack were also made for the map but were replaced with the V2 and the Goblin.

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