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B4 and after

basically you use [ g] max to edit the vert locations of any part you want in the Editable mesh level of the stack Just as Taina's read me says. NO operations , no cutting no attaching no welding no collapsing , the better you are, the better it will be, you also can edit uv cord and replace them as well a very handy tool

the lips are only fuller in the profile shot you can see the difference anyways you get the idea

EDIT : here is the link to the tool for those that want to see what they can do

Follow the read me to a T, don’t rename any model sections in max and unlike chuck’s replacer this is a 6 part deal and very unforgiving one mistake and the app generates an error or crashes.

A good understanding of 3d modeling is good to have but don’t be intimidated by XYZ

Good luck


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