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Originally posted by VikingLarz
The Pope was a great man regardless if you are Catholic or not.
I disagree.

Originally posted by Joshi
...this is a thread to mourn the death...
Where does it say that? People can't expect anything but that the topic is "Pope John Paul II" like the title says.

Originally posted by Joshi
...many forums and TV stations are talking about the death of the Pope, much like they talk about the latest Star Wars movie or newest Harry Potter book. The fact that you can choose not to go to them has seemed to pass you by.
Wrong. They don't disrupt programs for Star Wars or Harry Potter. In another forum people said that the movie "Shrek" was abruptly interrupted by the news of the pope's death. Just ten minutes before the end!
I had missed a movie and wanted to record its rerun yesterday. No can do. It was cancelled. Who would want to watch a documentary after 2.00 am when they are run all day long?

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