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Originally posted by Joshi
No matter what someone believes you reserve absolutly no right to laugh at them because of it.
...Well, let's imagine there's someone who (strongly) believes that we live in a hollow sphere or that he himself is Jesus or something. Wouldn't you laugh at him? I certainly would... And even if you think that the "no right to laugh" only applies to religion, well, where should we draw the line?

Originally posted by Joshi
That kind of thing offends people, deeply, it's called rascism and you have no right to do that.
...No, that's not rascism, I'm not judging persons by their race, but by their deeds...

...But anyway, I'm sorry I was harsh and maybe even mean, the whole pope thing just got on my nerves...

Originally posted by Joshi
RIP Pope John Paul II
...Hmm, yeah, may he rest in peace, no matter how this rest actually looks like...

Originally posted by toenails1
Just pretend he wasn't the pope. Imagine that somebody is telling you about how somebody they cared about died (maybe their friend or family member). Now wouldn't you feel sorry if one of your friends came up to you and told you that their cousin died, or one of their other family members?
...If I didn't know the now dead person, I wouldn't care, I would only be sorry for that friend that he lost someone... I wouldn't mourn for the dead person, I would try comfort that friend and try to be helpful of some sort... But yeah, I probably wouldn't show him/her my lack of interest...

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