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Interesting. Well I don't have a dell computer, much less a laptop, so I probably shouldn't risk screwing it up with some drivers meant for another piece of hardware. Oh well... : P

As to the Rocket Launcher, I don't know about it "jamming" but I do know that it has a long reload time, and you can't fire another rocket while one is in-flight or while the explosion is happening.

To do the "5 rockets at a time" lock on thingy you have to lock on LONGER than the usual time for a full lock and it plays a special sound for that.

I've noticed that in addition to being unable to fire again during that "in flight" and slight delay afterward you also can't pick up more rocket ammo in that time.

I die a lot from improper use of the Rocket Launcher (either blowing myself up or getting taken down because I didn't respond quickly enough). That's my main problem. I win a lot, but I have far too many "deaths." I still haven't seen any of the streaks beyond the first one ("Menace!") as a result.

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