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Ok, I would say, perhaps they should have a local channel change to the Pope's death, and perhaps a small announcement on the other channels, telling them to change to the other channel.... No... that wouldn't work, every channel WANTED to get the coverage. It's not the Pope's fault that the channels decided that the Pope's death was more important than Shrek. I'm not even saying you have to think that it IS. But you can't blame the Pope for that.

Originally posted by RayJones
Also i'm not sure what's more worth crying about: the death of one old man or those little children in third world countries. Religions are so self centered sometimes.
The children in the third world countries that die are indeed sad, but one of the reasons they die is because no one knows them. I'm not saying they are any better or worse than the Pope, but the Pope touched millions of lives, so we'll say that he had millions of friends. Pope John Paul II didn't ask for almost every channel to mourn for him after he died. He didn't ask for all the people to mourn his death, so you can't blame him. All the thousands upon thousands of people who loved him chose individually to mourn his death, and also be happy that he is somewhere better.

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