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Ok, so I got the full game, and DANG, there are 56 characters! (or maybe just 56 slots, I dunno). And padme is at least 4 characters, each time wearing different clothes.

There are 6 levels in Episode 1. The first level is the level seen in the demo (TF ship), the second is naboo's jungle, where there are a lot of droids running everywhere, the third is pod racing (quite froturating at times), the forth is theed, the fifth is the palace and the sixth is the duel between Obi Wan and Qui God and Maul.

There are 5 levels in episode 2. The first level is kamino, where things go a little bit different than in the movie, the second one is anikin and padme on geonosis, the third one is the jedi battle in the arena and the fifth is the battle against dooku.

On that note, I'd like to point out that yoda is a CRAZY MOTHER****ER! When his lightsaber is off, he walks very slowly with his walking stick. If you jump while his lightsaber, he goes on this hovering thing of his, which can move quite fast. When he's with the lightsaber on, he don't walk, only jumps, quite entertaining.

What irritates me in this game is that only I can hurt the enemies, all the other characters can shoot at them (and are shot by the enemies), but they don't hurt them

EDIT: There are 5 levels in episode 3, but I haven't started it yet, and still ain't sure if I want to.
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