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Originally posted by Astrotoy7
Q. What is an ugly ? Who commomly used them ?

Bonus : Pic

mtfbwya [/B]
An 'ugly' either a conglomoration of various starfighter parts (including, but not limited to, A-Wings, Y-Wings, X-Wings, and various TIEs) or a Tri-Fighter, a standard TIE cockpit with three wings mounted at 120 degree intervals, two laser cannons, an ion cannon, and more shielding than a normal TIE fighter. The uglies were imployed by various pirates, including the Invids, the pirate crews that raided for Admiral Leonia Tavira, commander of the Invidous Imperial-class Star Destroyer. My source is the Michael A. Stackpole novel I, Jedi.

Pic of a Tri-Fighter:

Q: Who is, at the time of I, Jedi, Rogue Ten? What is his race? What right among his race does he have?

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