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"Of course," Lizza said, turning away and seeming to loose interest in him as quickly as the interest had come. She walked into another room and her sister followed, motioning for the others to follow.

"You want to break into Gary's house and take his computer before he knows it's gone," Lizza said. A young man approached them and embraced Danni. Lizza continued as though nothing had happened. "And this is the man who will be going in."

Meanwhile, Danni and Ryan Richardson were having a little reunion, completely ignoring what was going on.

"Glad to see you got here safely," she told him. Ryan laughed quietly.

"You're the one who was in danger," he retorted. "I had it easy getting here, but the girls had fun with me before letting me in."

Danni's smile faded. "Fun?" Ryan hurried to reassure her that they had done him no harm and that the fun was all spoken. They suddenly realized that they'd been left behind and hurried to catch up to the group.

"David," she said, "this is my little brother, Ryan."

"She insists on calling me little," Ryan laughed. He was at least six inches taller than his sister. Danni jabbed at his arm with a playful fist.

"Ryan," she went on, "This is David Stern."

"The boyfriend you never brought home," Ryan joked, just to see his sister blush and look away. She muttered an apology under her breath and Ryan stuck out his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, David."

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