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Joth'loel and the men following him were near the base's exit, "We're almost there."

Joth'loel stopped when he saw a troop of Vuanna marching by the exit escorted by a tank. One of the Vuanna saw them and barked orders in their alien toung, the tank stopped and it's barrel started to turn towards them.

Joth'loel made a hand motion for them to press against the walls and take cover if they could. Joth'loel himself dropped on his stomach and shot at the open door some twenty meters ahead, enemy blasts shot above him dropping a couple of his men before they could take cover.

After Joth'loel's men had mostly pressed close to the walls or ducked into rooms and returned fire he felt he had the cover fire needed to get out of the middle of the floor. He rolled asside and got up but kept low as he ran to an open doorway.

The Vuanna tank blasted one of the walls to rubble knocking a few Mandalorians into the air and injuring some others with shrapnel.


Lyria heard the order as her APC halted at the base's broken wall. The back door opened and Lyria lead her men onto the battlefield. She had barely stepped out when the APC was hit by a tank and sent her and many of her men flying.

When she got up and looked around she saw her APC a flamming reckage. The corpses of her men lay strewn across the bombed soil in bloddy firy peices. Laser fire shot here and there, other APCs unloaded men who charged the base. Some men called out to her and she gathered them. Not much of her squad was left, only four other than herself were without serious injury.

"Search for survivors, we have to get the wounded to safety." Lyria scanned the battlefield until she saw a large protective outcropping of rock, "There," She pointed. "Take the wounded there." Without delay she started searching her fallen men for any who might still be alive.

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