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Wanted to say awesome work on the DLGEditor My main nitpick is that the tree view pane is rather short, and that it cannot be resized vertically.

Beyond that, I just had a question about camera id's. Is there really any difference between a camera id of -1 and 0?

New nodes created in DLG Editor seem to use -1 by default, but after I change the value in the camera id field to test other camera results, I cannot change it back to -1 because it no longer allows a minus sign in that field. Sure, I could change it back to -1 with GFF Editor, but I was curious about this deliberate >=0 limitation in DLGEditor.

AlienRaceNode? What's that? RecordNoVO?
As far as I can tell, AlienRaceNode refers to indicies in alienvo.2da, which map to voice files in the StreamVoice\AVO\ folder. For example, in recent dialogs I have edited, T3-M4's nodes have AlienRaceNode set to 21 (which is the "T3_Speech" row in alienvo.2da), and changing it to 0 resulted in silence.
RecordNoVO seemed to always be set to 1 when AlienRaceNode was filled in, but I haven't really checked it out to see if it had to be set.

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