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Originally posted by Razorfish.8
Hey...the tree view pane is rather short, and that it cannot be resized vertically.
I know -- I don't like that either and for awhile I was trying to find the right splitter widget that would allow resizing, but I got sidetracked.
Beyond that, I just had a question about camera id's. Is there really any difference between a camera id of -1 and 0? New nodes created in DLG Editor seem to use -1 by default, but after I change the value in the camera id field to test other camera results, I cannot change it back to -1 because it no longer allows a minus sign in that field... I was curious about this deliberate >=0 limitation in DLGEditor.
Yeah, that's my own inconsistencies you're noticing I think. As far as I know -1 is almost always means INVALID when it comes to constants in KotOR/TSL. 0 usually means DEFAULT. At the time I was making DLGEditor, I didn't know what the camera id should default to. I chose -1. But as you noticed my numeric-only code only allows values >= 0. There is no ulterior reasons behind these behaviors. Glad that you can't tell a difference between 0 and -1 in-game.

Hey thanks for the info!

Wanted to say awesome work on the DLGEditor
I appreciate the feedback. I'll take another look at what I can do about making those panes resizeable.

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