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Originally posted by RedHawke
Merchant Creation
The script to activate a merchant is in the ORD Mandell source scripts as well (Though you will have to change the merchant tag in the script for your own use).

All you really have to do is create an NPC and a dialogue for them with a tree ending with a node that has the PC select something like "What do you have for sale?" and you attach the open merchant script at that point, with KT now having a Merchant Editor it is rediculously easy to create the actual merchant file.

With KT simply open an existing or create a Merchant .utm file for your NPC, place in the Items you want them to sell, and save the .utm.

Pack the (1)activate script, (2)the NPC .utc, (3)the NPC .dlg, (4)and the NPC .utm, plus (5)the NPC spawn script and edited game dialogue (if any) into your module or drop them into override and go in the game to your spawned or placed NPC and test it out.

Check out my Elder Rodian Merchant Mod for reference on how to do a merchant.

Both of these tasks arent really very hard, Quest Creation is just tedious, write everything out beforehand and take notes step-by-step on where you are in the quest creation process, especially what dialogue file activates what stage, this helps immensely.

I hope this helps with a couple of the things you asked about!
Don't know if this helps or not, but I saw and figured I would repost it.

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